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Happy Bird Premium Edition

Help Happy Bird and his friends fly through a series of obstacles. Score points for clearing obstacles. See how many points you can get! Play the Premium Edition and choose from multiple characters and stages.

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Polar Trouble

Be the king of the pole! Help the penguins getting rid of their enemies by throwing snowballs with a bouncing board in this physic based winter themed puzzle game!

Snowboard Challenge 2014

Race down a snow covered mountain for the Gold in Snowboard Challenge 2014. Collect gold coins and perform jump tricks to score points. Reach level 8 to win the game. Good Luck!

Fishdom Frosty Splash

Enjoy winter with Fishdom: Frosty Splash! Cheer up and spread the merriment of crispy clear days around! Use your imagination to recreate the nippy and fun atmosphere of winter in your fish tank.

Criminal Files

Investigate crime scenes for 3 homicides. Gather enough evidence to find the murder suspect and put them behind bars. Good luck detective!

Royal Envoy 2

Team up with Cedric once again and travel to the faraway land of Middleshire devasted due to the negligence of its rulers. Build a veritable paradise -- while you win prizes for your speed and quick wit!